American Cultures

American Cultures was founded in Denver, Colorado in 2015 by the Brooks family. Danielle and Noah had the idea after serving their three boys(now 4 boys) kombucha and ice cream floats. Unlike other tasty treats, kombucha and ice cream makes everyone feel good and has some health benefits. They wanted a unique way to sell […]

Ensign Beverage Company

The standard in the beverage industry. Ensign Beverage Company kombucha is proudly produced and poured in Nebraska.


Kemiko Lawrence, founder and creative brewmaster behind Kemboocha, has been brewing booch at home for over 12 years ago. After years of teaching & sharing her love of Kombucha with others, she began the journey of becoming a commercial brewer. Kemboocha is sold in several locations in and around the Atlanta area. Visit for […]